Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Have a Healthy Mind With Daily Exercise

Once you engage in exercising you will not just earn and reap the wonderful benefits of it, but the benefits will become your motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits that you will reap if you do exercises are psychological benefits which include high self confidence, positive energy from your mind and body, a high level of alertness, and of course a stress-free life.

Boost Your Self Confidence
One of the psychological benefits of exercising is high self confidence because as you exercise you don’t simply make yourself attractive and slim since you also feel beautiful from within. If you have a healthy frame and attractive built you tend to be happy and you also increase the good condition of your mental well-being. With this note, you become confident on what you can do and such will always give you a nice feeling.

Let the Positive Energy Flow in Your Mind and Body
You will also let the positive energy level flow in your mind and body when you do exercising. Engaging in aerobics and other cardiovascular exercises will not just reduce the occurrences of stress but of course all your fats will be burned as well. When you let positive energy flow in your mind and body you will feel invigorated and you will also feel less depressions. And when there is a positive energy within you, good decision making and clear decisions will be made.

Being Alert and Ready
If you maintain regular exercising you don’t feel lazy to do anything at all. In fact, you are always prepared and alert and so when it comes to thinking you can easily gather your thoughts and your concentration. And when you are alert, you will also experience improved blood circulation, enhanced oxygen flow system, and of course readiness to face hard situations that may come your way. Getting sleep will also not be a problem at all and so you have to sleep at least 8 hours a day to maintain your sense of alertness.

Live a Stressed-Free Life
Finally, exercises will let you live a stressed-free life since your body and mind are both conditioned in coping with stress-causing activities and life events. If you are fully-equipped just because you exercise regularly, you will also reduce the possibilities of experiencing frustration caused by your family and work and depression caused by trivial yet complicated life and health issues.

Article by: Thomas B. Choung

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make your WORKOUTS more FUN -- check out what our staff LOVES...

Life can be really hectic - I know that many of us have children, jobs (maybe multiple jobs), spouses, religious commitments, and more.  Making time to workout can sometimes go by the way-side just because you "run out of time".  I am living proof that working out is probably the ONE thing that keeps me slightly sain in my crazy world.   One of my new favorite cardio activities is Zumba!  I don't even think of it as a "workout" (even though it kicks my butt) because it is just SO FUN!
A few years ago when I discovered Zumba, I immediately fell in love.  I always enjoyed ballroom in high school, I love hip-hop and Latin styles of dance, and Zumba pretty much combines all of these types of dance.  So what makes this class SO GREAT?  Being involved with a huge group (and not having to worry about my partner :) is really exciting. Zumba integrates Latin music, fun moves, lots of sweat, and tons of smiles! 

You can only imagine my excitement as I get ready for my weekly class. I love that you can look fun and flirty while dancing and working out. One of my favorite things to wear is the ACES RUFFLE SKORT from Impact Fitness. This skirt paired with the Track Star tank is the perfect outfit. The skirt makes it fun because it flares right at the hips, so as you shake it shake it shake it, it rocks right along with you looking great! 

SWEAT MUCH? is my favorite question to ask myself when I walk out of class! It gets so hot in there dancing our little hearts out. I HEART the ACES RUFFLE SKORT too, just for the mere fact that it is light and easy to wear and move about in. My legs are free, my rear is covered to just the perfect length that I can feel comfortable, and the style is beyond cute. If you haven't... try it!! It can work for SO many of your favorite activities.   Zumba + Aces Ruffle Skirt = LOVE in my book!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Products of the Week: The Wasatch Capri and The Revolution Tank

Monday morning.  I’m scheduled to run 5 miles today.  Training for a half marathon, if my injury recovery cooperates, and then on my way to a full marathon.  Slight complication: I also have a math exam and so my usual early morning workout has been replaced by last-minute studying.  As soon as school is done I will get my stress release with my workout.  Don’t want to go to class looking like I just crawled out of bed so I grab my favorite Impact Fitness Wasatch Capris and Revolution Tank, then add my cute Ruching Jacket: stylish and sporty but ready to go for my run as soon as class is over.  Makes my day that much easier!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Product of the Week: The SUMMIT CROP

It is Thursday, and I am thinking about the fitness classes I teach at the gym tomorrow.   Being a busy mom, I get to this time of the week and realize that one of my favorite bottoms, the Impact "Summit Crop", needs to be laundered so I can wear them tomorrow.  Although I love all my Impact Workout Wear, my Friday mornings just aren't the same when I am not sporting this ultra-comfortable crop. Teaching yoga and pilates back to back is challenging --  I love that I can move freely in the Summit Crops and they have a nice gaucho-style leg so I am not constricted while moving through poses.  Best of all, I can go run my errands after class, and don't have to go home to change. Very cute style that can be easily worn in or out of the gym!  Check them out online...


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey Utah Friends - Come Shop in Person THIS FRIDAY!

If you live in the Utah area, or if you are going to be in town, come shop with us THIS FRIDAY (3/5/10) at our STUDIO OPEN SHOPPING HOURS!

Friday, March 5th:  11am to 3pm
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